Now that you are moving, it's time to locate New York moving companies, pack and find a place to live. As the “city that never sleeps," NYC is made up of thousands of neighborhoods-some good, others not as much from which you can decide to move. The most important thing is to do your research (just as you are doing to locate your NYC moving companies), know what you need and of course what you can afford. Trust us; you don't want to sign a lease only to have to move again in a few months!

  • Your safety is the most important thing regardless of what a “great deal" your rental is. If you visit the apartment during the day, think about how will feel coming home late at night, or early in the morning. If you are scared, move on. No amenities or any cheap rent can compensate for the feeling of insecurity.
  • As part of this, ask neighbors about safety and check in with the local police about crime statistics.
  • How does the apartment look? Is it clean? Do you see bugs or rodent droppings? Is it noisy? Do you feel a draft? Are the appliances in working order? Make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the apartment -- not only in how it looks but that it is functional. Also, be sure that you obtain your landlord's information or whoever is involved with repairs?
  • In regards to payment, make sure you know the exact amount of your rent and security deposit. This is particularly important when you are first moving as advertisements are often false or may be scams.
  • Is the building clean and well kept? Are entryways and hallways well lit? How the building is kept up is a pretty good indicator of the vigilance of the apartment manager.
  • Is the building close to major roads and public transportation? Do trial runs for how long it would take you to reach work, daycare or other frequently visited places.
  • Where are all the services? Find out where the following things are: gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, laundry facilities, drug stores, and gyms – is the distance friendly or daunting?

At the end of the day, you know what makes you comfortable -- whether it's the price or simply what area makes you feel safe. Do your research and ask plenty of questions.

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