New York City is the greatest place on Earth! West Coasters and those who live abroad may have a different opinion, but if you look at the scope of schools, jobs and opportunities here—this place is hard to beat. There are two million people living on the same 22.96 square miles for a reason. Dreams are realized here and people from all over the world are moving to New York City to do just that. In the area, there’s Pace University, Fordham University, New School, City College, Barnard College, Columbia University, New York University and many other educational spaces to choose from. You’ll find being in New York City, moving into a tiny apartment in Manhattan, will be the greatest learning experience of your life. After your New York moving company has left and the last box is unpacked, it's time to acclimate to this new and exciting city. Here's how with's basic tips for living in New York City.

How to get around the city:
You will need a Metrocard to get around Manhattan. Currently, a monthly unlimited Metrocard that you can purchase at a subway station or some drugstores goes for $89. With this pass, you can save yourself loads of money by avoiding the yellow cabs and get a great feel for city life. If you ride this more than twice a day or once of the weekends in addition to daily weekdays, it will pay for itself. This way, you’ll also have a chance to pop up from the subway stop whenever you want without having to pay extra to reenter the station.

Where will you eat:
Well, as they say in NY, when there’s a craving, there’s a food stand, dive, truck or hole-in-the-wall that will serve up whatever it is you want. There are the restaurants on Madison Avenue that will take the average college student a week or two to save up for a main entrée and then there are the restaurants that serve up tasty treats for a fraction of the cost. Where to look: Yelp,'s cheap eats, Eater and Time Out New York. These publications and their contributors live to find specialty $6 Tangiers Bocadillo sandwiches complete with tuna, hard-boiled eggs, veggies, mortadella and French fries all wrapped up and served up by the Bistro Truck or the $1 oysters shucked before your eyes and slurped down in no time. There are secret cafes (Café Grumpy), burger joints behind curtains at hotels (Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien) and popular eateries you would never know about if you didn’t look it up (Mad for Chicken). There are food gems in the city no matter what type of cuisine you’re into… there’s Parisian style meals in one place and then Ethiopian dinner specials across the street.

What to do:
The awesome thing about having New York City as your campus is that you’re in a city that won’t stop till you do. When one establishment turns its open sign around to close, there’s always something else to do a few blocks away. There are cafes, bars, theatres, galleries, world-class shopping and events to keep occupied for a lifetime. For shows, we should recommend getting tickets from the TKTS Discount Booths that sell day-of-performance tickets for cheaper than anything you’ll find. You can find the booth locales here at the Theatre Development Fund site. For galleries and shows, do a quick Google search to see when museums and galleries are open and what deals they offer. You can get into the Museum of Modern Art for free if you’re a student of the CUNY or SUNY system. For other museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a “donation" of whatever monetary value you would like to give is acceptable to get to you any day. Many other museums offer “Free Nights at the Museum." Check here for those dates and times.

Where to study:
As we know in the realm of college and higher education, academics are as important as being social and exploring your new city. Our favorite places to read, think and study are as follows according to temperatures. In the winter, cafes such as Think Coffee, Housing Works Bookstore Café, Café Amrita, Doma or any Starbucks are great places to study or people watch when your eyes get tired. In the summer, we love to sprawl out in the warm weather at The High Line Park, Central Park, Union Square (if you like to people watch) or Battery Park (if you want quiet). We also liked Time Out’s suggestions for best study spots in NY.

We love NYC because no matter what you need, you can find fairly easy. Whether it be some weird bean you can only find in the rainforests of Costa Rica, some ancient Asian herb, an out-of-print book you remember reading as a kid, a mentor in the field you’re interested in or even a world-class education at one of the many city schools, there’s no doubt that you’ll find it here. With over two million people living on this little island, there’s a reason why people are moving to NYC.

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