Mobile Storage: Is It an Option for You?

Mobile storage has wiped out the annoyance of loading up a rental truck and hauling your stuff to a storage facility, usually in a remote part of town.

Here's how it works: Mobile storage facilities bring a large container right outside your house. Load it with the items you want in storage.

The storage container then gets picked up and taken to the storage facility, where you access it like regular storage. You won’t have to drive a big truck with this kind of storage.

When you want your stuff back, the company either ships the container to your old house or a new house. You unpack it, and the company comes and picks it up.

Some things to consider:
  • If you live in a condo or apartment you may need an OK from your homeowners association or landlord, respectively, to have a trailer parked outside for a period of time.

  • The storage container should be moved when it is loaded. It cannot remain at the home or office location indefinitely; in fact, most storage companies insist on the trailer being moved as soon as possible after loading.

  • Rates for mobile storage, just like regular storage, will vary on location and even time of year.

  • You are in control of how the goods are packed so you will know exactly where everything is when you wish to remove items from storage.

  • Check with your insurance agent about coverage for your goods in storage.

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