Environmental concern coupled with techniques not harmful to the earth, is what green moving is all about. A growing trend among New York moving companies, green moving involves altering practices that are traditionally big on waste, such as throwing away recyclable cardboard boxes and bubble wrap or moving belongings in smoke heavy semi trucks. A green move will help reduce your carbon footprint, reduce clutter (thus reducing moving cost) and encourage recycling. Here are a few tips to make your New York moving experience a green one.

Get rid of what you don't need.
The first step with a green move is to get rid of the things you don’t need. Clutter is only going to cost you time and money in the end. Remember: the less to move, the less you will need in packing materials.

Start by gathering packing containers from stores, friends and purchases you make. This way you are not spending extra money or causing additional waste. There are also several programs such as Freecycle and Craigslist that will help you locate recycled packing containers for before and after your move.

Organize and pack.
Next, be sure to organize and begin packing weeks before your New York move. Waiting for the last minute is a recipe for disaster, and it will make it difficult to stay organized. The more organized you can be, the easier it will be to consolidate, making more room for more items to fit into less containers.

Another way of keeping with an environmentally responsive move and to stay organized is to set up your change of address at the post office as soon as possible. Be sure to stop all junk mail from being forwarded to your new home to prevent any unnecessary waste. Keep in mind that small actions, such as these, go a long way.

Stay clean.
Another big part of a green move is cleaning. When leaving your old home, or setting up in your new one, continue in the spirit of your green move by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and suitable disposal techniques.

Finding an NYC Green Moving Company.
Most New York green movers indicate that they are an environmentally friendly moving company. And, although, certain companies bill themselves as green movers, traditional New York moving companies should also be considered for your move. Keep in mind that just because a moving company doesn’t brand themselves as “environmentally friendly" doesn’t mean they don’t offer the features you seek. Ask the New York moving company a few questions to find out if they qualify: What kind of trucks do they use? Do they use recyclable packing materials? Do they use used boxes, or even rent boxes? Are their movers willing to help you pack as efficiently as possible -- utilizing containers you already have or use containers you provide? The answers to these questions will help gage how environmentally-friendly the company’s moving procedures are.

Interview both traditional and green moving companies, and ask them similar questions about their moving practices. The fact is, when choosing between a New York green mover and a traditional mover, most people can find ways to work with their moving company to reduce their impact on the environment.

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